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Step back in time as you explore the original home of Brandon's first Mayor, Thomas Mayne Daly II. Built in 1882, the house is one of the few surviving structures from the City of Brandon's formative years. The home on its original location has been designated as a municipal heritage site. The house now contains four floors of artifacts and archival materials representative of Brandon's early history. It contains cherished antiques from the 1880s to the 1890s, as well as displays such as Mutter Brother's Grocery Store and the Magnacca Research Center.

Thomas Mayne Daly, 1882-1896

Listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, the Daly House is the only pre-1900 building remaining on 18th Street and one of the oldest buildings in the city of Brandon.. Thomas Mayne Daly II was Brandon's first lawyer and mayor, Manitoba's first federal cabinet minister and Canada's first juvenile court judge. He lived in the Daly House from 1882 to 1896, moving to further his carreer in politics. At this time the house was only two levels and without running water.

George Robson Coldwell, 1896-1928

George Robson Coldwell George Robson Coldwell, Thomas Daly's law partner purchased the home in 1896 when Mr. Daly moved to Roseland, B.C. The Coldwell family resided in the home for approximately 32 years during which he added the 3rd floor to accomodate his large family (9 children) and installed running water to heat the house through boiler heat. After Coldwell passed away, his remaining family was forced to leave due to taxes.

The Maples, 1928-1972


It next served as " The Maples " - a children's shelter operated by the Children's Aid Society for 44 years. During this time they added the bathroom and an extension onto the house to accomodate up to 25 children. They also adapted the house so that it was up to fire safety regulations at that time, invovling covering the hardwood with linoleum and electric lighting.

Brandon Museum Inc., 1976-Present

In 1976, Brandon Museum Inc., a non-profit organization took over the building and spent two years restoring the building and planning exhibits. In 1978, the museum, named in honor of Mr. Daly, was officially opened to the public. Inside you will find a breathtaking oak staircase, original radiators, a brick fireplace, and original oak flooring in the parlor and master bedroom, which serve as stunning backdrops to our exhibits.


The museum was preserved because of the mayor at that time, Stephan Magnacca. His first priority was to protect Brandon's heritage. If Stephan Magnacca had not had this initiative Daly House would have been torn down and turned into a store or office building.

There have been several changes to the museum along the way. Mutter Bros. store has moved into what would have been the summer kitchen and the Victorian garden has been added for the public's enjoyment. The archives have been created on the 3rd floor and they were named Magnacca Research Center. Some adjustments were made to the bathroom to make it more historically accurate.