150 Years of Quilting Traditions


Heritage quilts on display at Daly House Museum until September 19, 2017

Daly House Museum New Quilt Exhibit – 150 Years of Quilting Traditions

 BRANDON, MB – Eileen Trott, Curator of the Daly House Museum, announced today that the Museum has launched an exciting new quilt exhibit in their Community Gallery to celebrate Canada’s Sesquicentennial.  The exhibit is now open and runs until September.

The exhibit is a 150-year retrospective on quilting.  The oldest piece is dated 1850 – a delicate kaleidoscope of muted silk triangles hand stitched together.  The newest piece is dated 2015 – a provincial prize-winning and eye-popping queen size quilt using peacock colours of brilliant turquoise, purple, and royal blue.

Century Barns of Canada Quilt by Verna Sparks

In between the oldest and newest are approximately fifty quilts of various sizes, shapes, textures and patterns.  Some are familiar – remember ‘Sunbonnet Sue’, ‘Wedding Ring’ and ‘Log Cabin’?  Many were done as gifts for family members to commemorate special occasions – graduations, weddings and births.  And some are unique and personal.  For example, ‘Barns’ quilt, designed and constructed by local quilter Verna Sparks, was done to commemorate the centennial of the More Farm near Hartney, Manitoba.  Depicting farm scenes, it was made from 223 different fabrics and 130 yards of silk ribbon.

When people enter the Community Gallery a consistent reaction is, ‘Wow’.   A powerful wall of colour, texture, and pattern hits their eyes.   If you love quilting, you will love this exhibit.  Even if you don’t love quilting, you will appreciate the creativity, work, and love that went into creating these amazing quilts.

This exhibit is supported by Nifty Needlers, a Brandon quilting group, as well as by many enthusiastic members of the community at large.

Daly House Museum, which showcases Victorian era furniture and artifacts on three levels, is located at 122-18th Street and is open from 1 PM to 4 PM, Tuesday to Saturday.  Those hours will be expanded for July and August.  Please check the website for details. The quilting exhibit will run until September 19, 2017.


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