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Daly House Museum  Today
Daly House Museum Today


In 1976, Brandon Museum Inc., a non-profit organization took over the building and spent two years restoring the building and planning exhibits. In 1978, the Museum, named in honour of Mr. Thomas Mayne Daly, was officially opened to the public. 

The Museum was preserved because of former Mayor Stephen Magnacca and other citizens concerned about protecting Brandon’s heritage. If Stephen Magnacca had not had this vision to preserve our community’s heritage Daly House would have been demolished.

There have been several changes to the Museum over the years.  A general store called Mutter Brothers was moved into an addition built during the Maples period. The Victorian Garden has been added for the publics enjoyment and is available for rent. An archives on the third floor named the Magnacca Research Center in honour of Mayor Magnacca holds unique photographs of Brandon’s Early Years.

Under the direction of the Brandon Museum Inc. Board of Directors Daly House has become a welcoming place for the community to find out about the community’s history or to gather and share crafts, and traditions.

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