Volunteer Opportunities

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

Our volunteers are the backbone of the Museum.  We could not open our doors to the public without their gift of time, energy and creativity.  We have many different kinds of opportunities available. Below are some of the main areas in which we need assistance.

Social Media Ambassador   NEW!

We’re organizing ambassadors across social media platforms through emails by Museum staff that we’ll send to your inbox.  We’ll give you the scoop on Museum programs, events, and exhibits and highlight relevant hashtags for social media posts. You’ll be able to use your voice through your social networks to share Daly House Museum’s message by:

  • Signing up to be a Daly House Museum’s Social Media Ambassador to receive emails regarding upcoming events or exhibits to be shared on social media
  • Following Daly House Museum on Facebook and Twitter and like and share our messages
  • Share your stories and what you love about the Museum – maybe an upcoming event, exhibit, your favorite artifact or historic photograph.
  • Share content from Daly House Museum website http://www.dalyhousemuseum.ca
  • Use a certain hashtag when we encourage you to do so – for example tell others “ I am an #DHMambassador” to show your support for the Museum.

Why you might enjoy this role

  • 50% off a tour for you and a guest of Daly House Museum
  • 10% off of Museum Souvenirs
  • First notice of Daly House events, exhibits and programs via an email sent to you from Daly House Museum staff
  • Be a voice of Daly House Museum and drive engagement amongst online audiences
  • Learn or enhance your social media skills
  • Learn or enhance your knowledge of Brandon’s history
  • Be a voice of Daly House Museum and drive engagement amongst online audiences
  • A volunteer recognition program is supplied by the Museum

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Victorian Garden Volunteer


We are looking for volunteers to assist with the general appearance and upkeep of Daly House Museum’s Victorian Garden May to October on Tuesday evenings (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm) and Friday afternoons (1:30 pm to 3:30 pm) weather permitting.  Volunteers can choose which time slot they wish to work.

Duties and responsibilities in the garden include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting in the general upkeep of the garden when directed thorough:
    • Tidying, dead-heading, weeding, mulching and border upkeep
    • Planting and caring for annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, plants and bulbs
    • Maintaining walkways, structures, wishing well and water feature
    • Litter collection

Why you might enjoy this role

  • Join a friendly, enthusiastic, and supportive team of volunteers
  • Learn how to grow a variety of different plants and flowers
  • Gain knowledge about gardening techniques
  • Gain confidence and learn new skills
  • Gain work experience
  • Get to know new people
  • Stay active and reduce stress
  • Access to the knowledge of a Master Gardener
  • Opportunity to complete a Master Gardener apprenticeship, if desired

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Fund Raising Volunteer

Volunteer fund raisers play a vital role in helping to ensure that Daly House Museum can be here for our community. If you have an interest in heritage this could be the role for you.  Income generation is the key to our continued success. As a volunteer fund raiser you will be able to take part in a variety of activities to raise money for the Museum and help encourage other volunteers to fund raise for the charity. The role is flexible to suit your commitments and interests.

A volunteer fundraiser can help with any of the following tasks:

  • Planning for the event in the months leading up to it
  • Staff information tables to help promote the Daly House Museum
  • Run raffles or auctions at events
  • Secure in-kind donations for raffles or auctions
  • Assist with set-up or clean-up on the date of the event
  • Plan and organize a fundraising event for Daly House Museum
  • Encourage others to fund raise or volunteer for Daly House Museum

Why you might enjoy this role

  • Experience in organizing and taking part in events – and the change to gain new skills
  • Flexible volunteering – volunteers will be called or emailed when a fundraising event comes up and they can choose if they would like to get involved
  • Opportunity to meet new people in your community
  • Opportunity to develop self-confidence, PR, marketing and fundraising skills
  • The satisfaction of knowing you will be making a difference in the community
  • Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses
  • Resources and ongoing support
  • Opportunity to learn or enhance your knowledge of Daly House Museum and Brandon’s history
  • A volunteer recognition program is supplied by the Museum

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Member of the Daly House Board of Directors

The board of directors is legally and ethically responsible for all activities of the Daly House Museum.

Duties include:

  • Understand and promote the Museum’s mission, mandate and vision
  • Be familiar with the Museum’s programs, policies, and operations
  • Attend board meetings and appropriate committee meetings
  • Actively serve on at least one committee and offer to take on special assignments
  • Review agenda and supporting documents prior to meetings
  • Make an annual contribution to the organization commensurate with ability
  • Participate in fund raising activities and special events
  • Strictly adhere to conflict of interest policies
  • Strictly adhere to confidentiality policies

Why you might enjoy this role

  • Opportunity to meet new people in your community and build a professional network
  • Opportunity to connect with your community and use your voice to help shape the Museum’s mission
  • Learn more about how a non-profit organization functions
  • Build a personal legacy by improving the operations of the Museum
  • Opportunity to develop skills such as decision making, financial management, marketing, and branding – all skills you can apply to your professional life

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A-Team Member

The A-Team is an affiliate organization of Daly House Museum that supports the Board of Directors by assisting when needed.   To that end it the A-Team helps out by:

  • Sewing Hangers and Garment Covers
  • Museum Upkeep (Spring dusting)
  • Baking
  • Seasonal Decorating
  • Fundraising Event Assistance
  • Other duties as needed by the Curator

Duties include:

  • Attend A-Team monthly meetings and become a member of Daly House Museum
  • Sewing padded hanger covers to be placed on hangers before garment is hung
  • Measure garment to be covered as needed
  • Assist with spring dusting of Museum
  • Assist with baking for various Museum events as needed
  • Assist with decorating of Museum for Christmas and other seasons
  • Assist at Museum fund raising events as needed
  • Understand and promote the Museum’s mission, mandate and vision
  • Other duties may include: acting as a Museum Host or Tour Guide as needed

Why you might enjoy this role

  • Join a friendly, enthusiastic, and supportive team of volunteers
  • Learn new skills and enhance current skills
  • Contribute to the preservation of the Museum’s vintage clothing collection
  • Share your passion for history, anthropology, or the Museum’s collections

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Tour Guide or Museum Host

Our volunteers have a vital role to play by delivering memorable and enjoyable tours and providing a warm welcome and excellent customer service to our visitors.  They ensure that visitors have an enjoyable and memorable experience, by bringing the fascinating history of the Victorian era, the City of Brandon and Daly House to life in a guided tour of the Museum.

Duties include:

  • Deliver tours to a wide range of people including leading pre-booked group visits and welcoming schools for education visits
  • Learn and retell the stores of the exhibits within the Museum
  • Ensure the health and safety of groups when visiting the Museum
  • Assist visitors with general inquiries relating to their visit

Why you might enjoy this role

  • Join a friendly, enthusiastic, and supportive team of volunteers
  • Interact with the general public and inspire visitors
  • Share your passion for history, anthropology, or the Museum’s collections generally
  • Learn new skills and enhance current skills
  • Improve you CV and future job prospects
  • Contribute to the Museum’s public education and accessibility
  • Help to preserve and promote local heritage and a beautiful and unique building
  • Develop and improve presentation and communication skills
  • Free access to Museum exhibits

More information

If you wish to join our team please fill out the Daly House Volunteer Application Form and submit it to Eileen Trott, Curator, either by email, in person, or mail.


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